Roller Shutters

Roller shutters are seen as a real deterrent to would-be intruders by providing obvious protection against Burglary & Vandalism by preventing easy access through open windows.

Roller Shutters Insulate against both Heat and Cold – preventing the Summer heat radiating through windows as well as preventing heat escaping during Winter months.

Save on Heating and Cooling costs all year round!

Installing Roller Shutters reduces your energy cost as well as the damaging effects on our Environment.

  • Computer modeling through the University of NSW. Heating & Cooling (Ref Info Bulletin 026) has shown between 25 – 40% Energy Saving on residential properties and up to 59% on residential units. Average home per year $1,000 for heat and cool represents up to $400 per year saving!

Roller shutters are operated from inside your home, therefore, there is no need to go outside in the middle of a storm or an unsafe scenario.

Choice of ODS, manual or electric controls. and fully automated electronic controls are also available.

Experience a significant reduction in noise level whether it be busy traffic, neighbours or barking dogs. Great benefits for shift workers and young children needing to sleep.

Close off your home completely to outsiders or create a controlled outlook with partially opened slats. This allows you the ability to see out whilst still having privacy from the outside of the home. “filtered light” is available at soft comfortable levels by simply partially opening the shutter. This will also create air flow allowing your home to “breathe” in your absence. Ideal for evaporative a/c systems.

Roller Shutters are ideal for coastal areas. Wind, Rain, Debris, Hail, are no problem for a roller shutter. Windows are secure so you sleep soundly through the worst storms and they will not rattle in strong winds, as well as protecting leaking windows. Also advantageous for cyclone-affected areas.

Prevent the broken window and ‘spot’ fires that so often destroy family homes during a bush fire. Roller Shutters create a barrier to stop burning debris from entering your home.

Add significant value to your home with stylish and easily maintained Roller Shutters from Sun Solutions Goulburn.

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