Repairs & Maintenance

Sun Solutions Home Improvement offer repairs to all blinds and awnings.We replace canvas awnings, vertical slats, weights, and clips, replace Venetian slats as well as offer advice and tips on maintaining the appearance and performance of your shade solutions.

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Sun Solutions Home Improvement Goulburn Repairs

Pet Mesh

We love them. They love us. We love our screen doors. They love them less. It’s a fact that man’s best friend just doesn’t get along well with screen doors – and that’s why Pet Mesh was invented. In the past, the beautiful screen door was no match for your enthusiastic best pal, and with just one boisterous scratch at the screen, it was all over red rover, screen door no more. But with Pet Mesh your screen doors can breathe a sigh of relief because they not only stand a chance against the family pooch but they down right defeat the family cat as well. No more repairs and no more tears. it’s an investment you can’t afford to not have. Call us today for a quote of dog-proofing your screen doors, windows, and patios.

Sun Solutions Home Improvement Goulburn Pet Mesh