Plantation Shutters

Plantation Shutters have unparalleled strength and stability making them ideal coverings for windows, doors and as room dividers. They come in a range of frames and blades styles to suit all applications and interiors.

Each model is offered with hardware to facilitate sliding, hinging, bi-folding or fixing in position.

Resort, Homestead, and Ambience Shutters all offer a choice of three blade styles: Elliptical, Flat, or Interlocking privacy blades. The Pacific Shutter comes with either the Elliptical or Flat Blade.

Choose your blade style for the way you want your shutters to look, and the way you need them to function. All blades are available in 68mm and 90mm widths. Elliptical blades are hand sanded by a master craftsman to produce a smooth, sculptured profile. Interlocking blades offer total privacy and optimal light control. Flat blades are machine finished to exacting specifications.

The Resort model is available with either handle or single side rod control. The Pacific is a traditional plantation shutter featuring a central control. The Homestead model comes with twin recessed side controls and the Ambiance Shutter features a concealed rear control, providing a sleek, uncluttered look.

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