So you know how to use a drill, and you wield a pretty mean tape measure – so why do you need that professional installer? Well it’s good to have a go at doing a install yourself, especially if you are really handy around a toolbox, but sometimes things look easier than they really are. Our trained installers do this job every single day – and that’s why they make it look so easy. It’s second nature to them, they know the shortcuts – and when not to take a shortcut! So just have a moment to decide whether your new investment, which could be worth a lot of money – is really worth risking by saving yourself a few dollars to install it yourself. Talk to us about whether it really could be difficult before you jump in, and if you still feel keen to do it yourself, we’ll be there to give you advice if you get stuck. Sun Solutions – providing service before, during and after the sale.

Sun Solutions Home Improvement Goulburn DIY Woman

DIY Measure & Install

Save time and measure your windows before you talk to us about your needs, it’s easy!

There are two different ways to measure your window frames, the reveal fitting, and the face fitting.

Remember to take all your measurements for quotations in millimeters and please phone or email us if you need assistance.
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The reveal fitting lets your window architraves be shown and the blinds fit snugly inside.
(see diagram on right)

Sun Solutions Home Improvement Goulburn Reveal Fitting guide

The face fitting covers your window architraves, and is perfect for windows and doors with storm bars and handles.

(see diagram on right)

Sun Solutions Home Improvement Goulburn Face Fitting Guide