Curtains are the most widely used window furnishing and have many benefits for your home. They are great at insulating rooms, assisting with privacy, and providing a touch of comfort. Curtains are a great way to highlight your personal style and add pops of colour, texture, or pattern to a room.

Blockout curtains do just what their name suggests, they block out the light and are the ideal option for achieving optimum light control in a room. The blockout lining is created by applying multiple coats of flocked-acrylic coating to the reverse side of the fabric.

Sheer curtains are made from transparent, lightweight material that acts as a wonderful light filter. That means that sheers still allow sunlight to enter your room, but their fabric acts as a light diffuser, which softens the natural light.

Sun Solutions now sell blockout and sheer curtains in box pleat, wave fold, double pinch pleat, and knife pleat headings.

Box pleat curtains are simply curtains that are folded evenly to form box-shaped pleats. The pinch part of the pleats is hidden, giving the curtain a neater and more modern look.

Wave fold curtains look just like a wave or long “S” pattern that continues as long as the length of the window it’s covering. This soft flowing wave effect allows the fabric to drape beautifully and the overall look creates a very contemporary and on-trend finish.

Double pinch pleat curtains have small groups of pleats separated by flat sections of fabric, pinch pleat curtain hooks are used at each pleat, so the curtains are suspended by the pleats with flat fabric between. Pinch pleats give a more formal look and the curtains tend to hang in uniform folds.

Knife pleats can work well with both lined curtains and sheers, too. It’s especially well suited to applications where you plan to hang sheers behind your lined curtains, as knife pleating stacks in a very compact manner when open, never getting in the way. Homeowners seeking a modern and informal look often choose knife pleating, particularly when opting for the versatility that comes with sheers installed behind lined curtains.

Be the house everyone is talking about – get your brand-new curtains from Sun Solutions Goulburn.

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Blockout Curtains

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