Canvas Awnings

Canvas has long been the most popular fabric used for awnings. With 100% block out and long lasting reputation canvas is the number one choice to block out the sun.

Canvas Awnings are the perfect way to protect and keep your home cool by preventing the hot sun from reaching your windows, which is the cause of your home heating up to begin with.

Canvas awnings help reduce your electricity bills by up to 25% if you run air conditioning and provide shade without shutting out the view. Protecting your floor coverings and furniture, they are an environmentally friendly way to cool your home. They also give excellent privacy when required.

Sun Solutions Home Improvement offers a wide variety of styles, colours, and designs for you to choose from, which will complement the look of any home.

We have an assortment of patterned fabrics for a traditional design, as well as a large range of plain colours to suit a more contemporary and modern home. If your shade requirement is for window awnings
our experience will be just what you need to advise you on all the creative possibilities open to help you make the best decision.

Straight Drop Geared Blinds

The Straight Drop Geared Blind is another method of winding up large blinds without visible ropes & pulleys and is wound up and down with a crank handle. Fabric is rolled around a top tube with a fitted gearbox then wound up using a crank handle.

The bottom rail is finished off with a sleek pocket to hide the bottom rail or a powder-coated rail as an optional extra.

This design is preferable for wide awnings and the method of operation makes it suitable for the elderly, being easier to wind the blind up and down.

The Gear Operated Blind with a Channel Guide has been successfully used up to 6m in width with certain fabrics. This type of blind has been used to enclose carports, verandahs, and patios and is locked down with stainless steel pins and then tensioned via the gearbox. Motorized Channel Guide Blinds have been used to divide rooms, e.g. Home theatre areas or rumpus rooms.

Stainless Steel Wire Guides can also be added where the blind is lowered from top to bottom, being guided by stainless wires and fittings running vertically on either side of the blind. A headbox is optional.

Straight Drop Geared Blinds from Sun Solutions Goulburn

Automatic Awnings (click here)

A perfect choice for close fitting to windows on the
ground floor or onto a balcony. Our premium automatic
awnings minimise space with its minimal projection.
Easy to use self-locking arms allow simple adjustment
by hand or by a pull stick. Our automatic
awnings have locking arms and are a very popular design to
provide you with an affordable solution to shade and
protect your windows to keep your home cool in summer.
They operate on fixed guide rods with an easy function
self-locking arms.
The awning hood is available in a range of colours to
allow for design integration with the exterior of your
home and also assists in the protection of the fabric
from the weather when not in use.

By far our most popular Canvas Awning and one that has
stood the test of time and taste.

Sun Solutions Home Improvement Goulburn Automatic Canvas Awnings

Multi-stop Awnings (click here)

Multi-Stop Spring Channel Awnings are perfect for
enclosing Pergolas, Verandahs, Outdoor Living Areas and
They have the distinct advantage of being easy and safe
to operate by one person, as the Multi-Stop Awning
locks into the side channel at any given point and you
will never lose control of a Multi-Stop Awning.

Multi-Stop Awnings are a perfect solution for enclosing
a deck from the roof to the hand rail. Recommended for
use with a Sunscreen Mesh Fabric, to enhance the view,
a Multi-Stop Awning can also have an Acrylic, Canvas or
Clear PVC Film as its skin.

Sun Solutions Home Improvement Goulburn Multi-Stop Canvas Awnings

Convertible Awnings (click here)

The advantages of a Convertible Awning are its
simplicity, reliable operation, practicality, and low
A Convertible awning is suitable for any window
application. When the awning is partially extended it
provides protection from overhead sun i.e. north facing
windows, whilst still retaining a view to the outside.
When the awning is fully extended it covers the entire
window and provides protection from the sun at low

The lengths of the arms are approximately half the drop
of the awning. These types of awnings are usually
driven by a chord operation.

This type of awning does not normally have a headbox
but one can be supplied if required.

Sun Solutions Home Improvement Goulburn Convertible Awnings
Straight Drop Geared Blinds

Straight Drop Geared Blinds

Sun Solutions Home Improvement Goulburn Canvas Awnings

Automatic Awnings

Straight Drop Blinds @ Sun Solutions Home Improvements

Straight Drop Geared Blinds

Straight Drop Geared Blinds available from Sun Solutions Goulburn

Straight Drop Geared Blinds